Here are links to some of my current favorite poems by real poets (not amateurs like me):

Lucille Clifton

-Wishes for Sons

Gregory Djanikian

-Immigrant Picnic

Diana Goetsch


Tony Hoagland


-Hard Rain

Gary Soto


Marie Sheppard Williams


Terence Winch

-Social Security

Richard Brautigan

-It's Raining in Love

Raymond Carver 

-Late Fragment

Billy Collins

-The Lanyard (video)

Jack Gilbert

-Michiko Dead

Jeffrey Harrison


Bruce Dethlefsen

-Crosseyed (video)

Russell Edson

-The Toy Maker

Tony Gloeggler


Neil Hilborn

-OCD (video)

Louis Jenkins

-The Big Bang

Susan Mitchell

-The Dead

Thomas Alan Orr


Brenda Shaughnessy

-A Poet's Poem

William Stafford

-First Grade

Thomas R. Smith


Robert Wrigley

-Do You Love Me?